The most important aspect of any project is how well BADA SPORT engages with you. Our entire model is built upon relationships and keeping the human element in play throughout the production process. Our job is to bring you closer to the game, and that requires effort and careful planning.

The first dimension in properly engaging with you is communication. Regardless of your time zone or geography, BADA SPORT has devoted customer service resources at the ready. Your North American Business Development Director  is the first line of communication on any project. However, you always have access to owner Henry Wu. There is no delay or barrier to access from any country to any country.

BADA SPORT then focuses on execution. Our focus is making sure you understand every element and status of your project. By having a disciplined production approach, you may check in on progress at any point.

The final aspect of engagement focuses on process. Our quality control systems are about keeping you in the loop from design to delivery. You should know what condition, quality and quantity to expect every step along the way.

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