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The term “TEAM BADA” is something we at BADA SPORT take seriously as we consider how you – the customer – fit into the production process. With a long track record of elite results for elite brands, BADA SPORT has developed an edge in this complex market. Our edge has been to bring you, the customer, as close to the process as possible. How? With contacts in North America and China, we cover a virtual 24-hour schedule to answer requests. TEAM BADA starts with the owner and includes every one of our 2,000+ employees as a potential customer service option for your requests The most common team members customers will interact with will be:

Henry Wu | Owner, Chief Executive Officer |

  • Oversees daily operation of BADA SPORT from production to corporate functions
  • Second-generation family owner
  • Dedicated the last six years of his career to perfecting/refining BADA SPORT
  • Educated at Simon Fraser University
  • Professional clients have included: Adidas, Don Alleson, WilsonRawlings, Delta Corporation

David Delafield | Vice President – Business Development | 317 / 289 8879 |

  • More than 25 years of apparel industry experience
  • Industry responsibilities/roles have included product management, merchandising, sourcing, and business development
  • Professional clients have included: Reebok, Adidas, Starter, Russell, Footlocker

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