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With BADA SPORT, there are no middlemen. Our representatives and business development team are exclusive to BADA SPORT. You can know there is no built-in margin for simply directing your call elsewhere; BADA SPORT is a single team, a single company. Our new production facility (moving from Pujiang to Jinhua) is a building testament to our single source concept.

This concept also means you have DIRECT ACCESS to the production staff, the facility floor, and to BADA SPORT ownership. This is no gimmick. It’s a reality when you deal with TEAM BADA.

Additionally, we are happy to provide access for any inspection, tour or production reason. Our production facility is your production facility. Our factory has been independently approved for use by Adidas, Macy’s, WilsonFoot Locker and others.

Photos below: BADA SPORT‘s new production facility is coming … opening soon.

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